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  1. If you can, retaking might be a good idea, but it really depends on how solid the rest of your application is. If everything is good, then 1200 on GRE should be alright. However, if you would like to make your application even stronger, scoring 700+ on math should definitely boost your application up. GRE is also used in determining some fellowships/grants, so that can also be taken into consideration. Good luck!
  2. You being an international student can potentially be a problem because foreign students usually cost a school A LOT more than citizens/permanent residents (I had a friend from Sweden who was straight out told by several programs she applied to that they would love to take her on but they can't afford her). However, I'm not sure if this general rule applies to Canadian citizens, maybe it's a different funding ball game there. If professors encourage you to apply, it's a very good sign, it means they see that you have a great potential for being a good scientist.
  3. as everybody else said, working with mammals is mandatory in some, but not all biological fields. A lot of research can be done with cells lines, c elegans, drosophila and zebrafish, to name a few. Mammals are just more relevant medically
  4. To the OP: I was a PhD applicant last year and my stats and research experience/accomplishments are dead on like yours (my GPA was a tiiiiiiiinnny bit higher but everything else is pretty much exactly the same). I was also concerned about my GPA quite a lot (to the point that I have become very annoying haha). I was applying for neuroscience programs which are highly competitive pretty much everywhere. I applied to 10 programs, got interviewed and accepted at 4 and now attending one of the top 10 schools. Letters of rec, research experience and publications go a long way. I think you have a
  5. i totally am! drove up from MD on 8/23, went through orientation, pubmed stuff (oh that dragged), and tax. where you staying?

  6. TallChai!!! Are you in town already?

  7. you are starting in july.. wow already found a rotation? me is starting in sept.

  8. is officially doing a summer lab rotation

  9. pffft, baby talk Chai Latte, I'll be driving 30 from LA :). Yeah, my car comes with

  10. hey neuronerd, are you bringing a car with you to AA? planing to drive 8 hours from MD!

  11. I will definitely not miss the notorious LA traffic I will not miss the warm weather every day of the year- I do belong in the North I will not miss the area of LA that I live in, because it is ugly and depressing I will not miss working "in the group" - I'm excited about the opportunity to work all by myself with my mentor's guidance I will miss my friends and my labmates dearly, because they bring me so much joy and love I will miss the ability to go and see world class DJs anytime I want I will miss the ocean, even though I rarely ever get to see it
  12. if you are willing to spend a bit of money, Tumi briefpacks or backpacks are beautiful and VERY reliable. I've had mine for years and I love it, although I am planning on getting a new one for grad school. Sometimes they discontinue certain colors and backpacks become reasonably priced (around 100$ or so).
  13. Thank you so much guys, those are very valid points. I am a "work till you drop" kind of person, so I definitely need a reminder to relax once in a while:)
  14. It was my first time applying and it actually went pretty well, although of course those were pretty stressful months. I have a couple of application regrets, such as applying to 2 schools where, as I realized eventually, I wouldn't go even if they accepted me. And I also wished I was a bit more brave and applied to a couple more top ranked programs, even if just to be rejected. Nonetheless, I got my acceptance into the program I liked the most the day of the interview in the end of January, so the rest of the application season was a breeze. I applied to 10 programs, interviewed and got
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