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  1. I am going to apply next year, and I think AHA has changed it into once a year now. And the due date is in August of each year.
  2. Actually, what is the chance of getting admitted after being interviewed? Anyone has the information?
  3. Thanks for the reply! I also applied to UFL and UTH, and the UFL offered me a fully-funded position while UTH would require me to look for RAs/TAs myself. I also contacted a recent graduate from the UTH Ph.D. program and get to know that the Ph.D. mentor at UTH is not responsible for funding student and we need to find funding resources ourselves. I plan to start from the career service office to see whether any RAs/TAs are available. Thank you for the suggestion and have you decided which school to go to?
  4. I think you made a good point. Everybody's experience is unique and sometimes we may have to take detours in order to achieve our goals and we make mistakes in the process. But I think mistakes are also valuable lessons and if you can really learn from it, it will lead you to the final destination.
  5. Yes, thank you so much for the information. I am an international applicant and I have to move to the city and find an RA position to fund my Ph.D. education. That sounds a little bit overwhelming. I will still try though. In addition, I got the interview invitation from the U Iowa, and the faculty who will interview me is the one whose research I am most interested in. But still concerned funding. By the way, what does fully-funded actually mean, would this be mentioned in the acceptance letter?
  6. Hi, I am also accepted to this program this year but no mentioning of funding in the email either. Did you accept the offer and get the funding?
  7. Thank you for sharing the information! How was your interview going and do you mind sharing your credentials?
  8. The USnews ranking https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-health-schools/public-health-rankings. Is it a reliable resource?
  9. By the way, how is Brown's program? I cannot find the ranking for this program or any other information.
  10. Thanks for sharing and Best of Luck!
  11. Just a quick update: received my rejection from Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) yesterday. Will try my best to get prepared for the incoming interviews and start applying for the fellowship at UT. Those who have received interview invitations from Yale and Brown, do you mind sharing your credentials. Thank you so much!
  12. Received my rejection from JHU today. No regrets, having tried my best and have to admit that my background is not strong enough for JHU. Best luck of your study.
  13. Anyone applied to the University of Iowa and interviewed there? I received an interview invitation from the University of Iowa and I think it is a pretty decent program with ranking at the 17th right after Yale. If anyone could share any information regarding this program, I would appreciate that! And also curious about the ranking and reputation of the program at Washington University in St. Louis.
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