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Biology prequisite only-> Biology PhD. Double Phd? Very important. Have a look, pls.


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  Hello, everybody. I am very new to this forum. Now, I am an International sophomore in Korea. We have to choose our majors, and this decision is very hard to make. Now, I have Physics as my major and Computer Science as minor. In few days, I have to come up with the decision and I was going to change my major and minor(Computer Science as major and Mathematic as minor). I am trying to change my major to Computer Science because I believe it will be safer and gives more freedom to earn money, and it is important because I need to help my family(btw, first generation college student from very low-income family). I don't want to risk and I believe with good grades I can have the good opportunity to live well. (No major in Computer Science)

  Here's the thing. Don't laugh pls. :)  I am very ambitious and always have been. I want to devote my life into the many sciences. Many of you can probably recognize want to understand the mathematics, nature(physics), want to help prolong life and study biological sciences. I am thinking of taking prerequisites for Med School, and take Math as my minor and Computer Science as my major. Let's say I can have 2 years of experience in researches(1 year Math, 1 year Physics(for myself)). Let's also assume I will have very good scores in GRE Subject test, TOEFL and in General GRE. Can I then be considered as a good candidate for top schools in the US for Physics or I have no chance if my major and minor are not really related to Physics? Only test scores with different major and self-study of Physics(How can I prove it, though?)

 I know some of you could say focus on something, and I agree that it would be much easier if I had only passion. However, I want to give a shot, and try devoting my youth to studying. May be, who knows, this worth to do once in life? The reason I am choosing Math is that I think there are many examples that after being a mathematician, people tend to contribute a lot to physics too. However, not so many examples the other way around.

Also, I would like to know how it is hard (1)to get accepted for two PhDs and (2) if you're accepted to study that. I can put my energy if I am allowed to study two PHDs simultaneously. I would love to get accepted for two programs in Ph.D.(One, in this case, will certainly be Biology. I want my parents live very long :) ). I really think, at least for now, that intellectual prosperity is the most important thing. For Biology PHD I will have only MCAT(let's assume very good scores), GRE and TOEFL, prequisites.

Projected GPA: 3.75(converted to 4. In fact, we have 4.3 as maximum)

Projected number of credits:153

Projected length of my undergraduate study:3.5-4 years

Please, share your opinions. Detail answers would be very welcomed. I would love to read each of them :) Thank you a lot, and I hope you'll have a nice day!

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In the United States, top schools (or any) won't allow you to do two Ph.D's simultaneously. A single Ph.D is a very rigorous degree, so it will consume all of your time. Not only this, but lab work is incredibly time consuming and it'll be impossible for you to work (or successfully do so) in two labs at the same time. Also, the requirements for Math and Biology Ph.D programs far exceed just meeting the prerequisites. Even if possible, you will need to have extensive research experience in both fields, or in a field that's applicable to both (biophysics, biomathematics). Adcoms like to see people that have vision and have a general idea of what they want to do in their lives. If your goals are all over the place, you will most likely be rejected. If you want to conduct AGING research, I'd suggest going for the Ph.D in biology since it'll align better with your desire to help your "parents live longer". However, I'd have to say that most research that is conducted does not lead to a breakthrough that'll result in solving an immediate issue, meaning you will most likely not be able to get rid of the problem. However, you could be able to consider a very important puzzle piece to the general problem. Currently, it seems like you are conflicted about what you want to do. Do you honestly just want a career that gives you more immediate financial security, or do you want to follow your passion and choose something that'll make you happy? I'd suggest you think about this more. 

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You can't really do two PhDs in the sciences.

You can't do them concurrently, and having a PhD in a related field (usually very broadly defined) will make you inadmissible to other PhD programs. 

Thats just not how a PhD works. After you get one, you transition fields of study by work and publications, no by another degree. 

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@simplybetter It sounds like you should look into computational biophysics. This field would allow you to use math and CS to create programs and algorithms to better understand the basic physics and quantum mechanics of complex biological molecules. You could do something like create a simulation program to study the physics that allow the proteins in Alzheimer's to form destructive plaques. 

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