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Applying to grad school!!


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Hey all,

I'm thinking about applying to chem phD programs in schools like WUSTL, University of Washington, University of Oregon, so not top-top schools, but schools I'm interested in doing research they have going on.

My gpa is 3.86, 3.83 in all sciences/math, 3.82 (lowest B+) in chemistry. I am freaking out because I was struggling to keep up school while overloading myself with work because I became financially independent, and my gpa dropped from a 3.94... Will I still be ok? Considering that I have TA-ed mutliple lab sections since my 2nd year, and have done research for 2 summers and throughout the semesters.

I am an international student, but my English is pretty good, been told by multiple profs I write better than most students here, scored 8.0/9.0 in IELTS, and speak without any accent. Will that still be something that decrease my chances when they look at my application?

Last question!! I'll be taking the GRE in two months. I have no idea what is a good score (no need to be specific, a range would be fine) for my case. I have no idea..

Thanks everyone who answered all my questions in advance :)!


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Yes you should still be fine! Maybe add a couple more schools you would be interested in? 7 schools should be a safe number. I don't want to claim to know the future but you are a great candidate for grad school. Look up your programs to see if they have any minimum requirements of the GRE. If you score above that, then you shouldn't worry. At least thats the impression I got from my schools. Like you I applied to decent and not "top schools". I applied to University of Oregon, Texas Tech, University of Washington, IUPUI, University of Colorado, University of Kansas and UNCG. I'm attending Texas Tech this fall!

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And I know that I may not be the most helpful since I'm not going into a physical science field for grad school. But all my other friends from my major (geology) have been successful and have had similar stats/intended schools. Good luck!

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