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I have yet started studying for the GRE but am planning to start other things this summer (working on a senior thesis, possibly a summer online course)

I was wondering how much time people put aside for GRE preparation, so I can plan in advance and maybe drop some things. 

Some background is I had a 2350 on the SATs and 3.8+GPA as a Polisci and Econ major, but it's been long since I looked at "SAT vocab." Do you think it's reasonable to prep for the GREs by mid August along with a summer course and working on my thesis?


Thanks in advance!

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I never took the SAT, but I doubt the vocab would be the same as GRE. The two tests are targeted at people with very different levels of education. From what I understand, the GRE verbal is trickier and more convoluted.

Anyway, I took the GRE the other day and got a 166(96th percentile) on the verbal portion. Two months ago, I purchased a Kaplan GRE study book and answered all the practice questions on it. Then I went through the 10 practice sets on the internet that came with the book. I did about 5 of the quantitative practice sets, and 2 or 3 of the full-length practice exams. I did this while also taking classes, so I'd say you should be fine, assuming you generally do pretty well on tests like I do.

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