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What is a Competitive GRE Score for AuD.?

Crimson Wife

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I am interested in auditory-verbal therapy for the deaf, which can be done as a SLP or an AudD. I've been leaning towards SLP but life has thrown a potential curveball and I'm considering tossing an application to a specific PhD. in Speech & Hearing Sciences program under a researcher whom I have a total nerd crush on (figuratively speaking, LOL!) To make sure that I would have a job post-graduation, I think I'd want to do the university's joint AuD. with the PhD. What is a competitive GRE score, particularly in the quant section? I only prepped the verbal so I know I could do better on the quant with specific studying.

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First, I don't know if you see this bt as a response to your question; I think your GRE scores look great! They say to aim for combined 300-310 at least, and yours is 323. That's really honestly great! I think 154 is good, of course if you go into the 16X range it looks "better" than the 15X range, but they usually look at combined over individual, from what I understand. Plus, they look at the whole picture, so your experiences and essay and references. 

However, as another note... if you are interested in auditory-verbal therapy, have you considered/researched a degree in Deaf Education? Honestly, I got my Master's in Early Intervention in Deaf Education, and you DO auditory-verbal therapy. Audiologists.... they don't. Not really. They manage the child's auditory health, program hearing aids, maybe do a bit of aural rehab... but the leave the auditory-verbal therapy for the Deaf Educators or Teachers of the Deaf. SLPs do speech therapy in schools for the deaf too, and that's a bit closer. Depending on what you want your day-to-day job to be like, a PhD in Speech and Hearing Sciences may not be the right option, professional crush aside ;). I'm starting my second year in an audiology program, so I've had a taste of both!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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