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Where to get essay feedback

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Last application cycle I was rejected from two schools that I really wanted to attend.  I am considering contacting them via e-mail to set up an in-person meeting to go over the short-comings of my application - namely the SOP and letter's of rec.  I intend to reapply.  Is this a good route to go, or would this present me a in a negative light or as being too pushy?

Other than the admissions committees, what is a good resource for feedback on SOPs?


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I highly doubt that anyone from a school you applied to would agree to go over your application materials with you and give you any kind of precise feedback in a one-on-one setting. You could contact them to ask for advice on reapplying, and that may or may not yield a positive result, but I would be a lot more conservative in what I would hope to achieve from such an interaction than you seem to be right now. The best source of feedback on your application should be your most recent professors (i.e., your academic advisor and other professors who you've asked for LORs, who presumably therefore know you quite well). They should be able to evaluate your materials and also tell you if they present you in a light that is consistent with who you actually are and if anything is missing or misrepresented. Hopefully they also have relevant experience sitting on admissions committees of their own and could compare your materials to those of other applicants that they have read. If there is a career center and/or writing center at your school, they could help as well. 

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