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What is MS&E???


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Hi, I double major in Statistics and Mathematics and I am applying to graduate school this coming fall. I was going to apply for doctoral degree in Statistics. However, in my research of schools, I've come across this department called "Management Science & Engineering" (MS&E) at Stanford. It seems that it covers a wide variety of topics and ask students to have pick a focus; among the focuses there are certain statistics related paths. I am very confused and I would really appreciate it if someone could explain to me the difference of this program and regular Statistics doctoral programs. Which is more competitive, what are the career paths like? what is the difference in research? what are the differences in the training and the application requirement?

Another weird thing I noticed is that I can't find a department called management science and engineering at other schools. I also couldn't find a ranking page for MS&E so I am a a complete lost to gauge the quality of Stanford's MS&E..... Do each school have a different name for it? Very lost......

Would really appreciate your advice!

Thanks very very much!

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Columbia has an MS&E program, Lehigh has one. A few different places do. Also, it is likely akin to engineering management programs and science management programs (separated elsewhere).

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