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Letters of Rec from this semester?

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This year I am taking pre-reqs for the master's program and I am also applying right now to master's programs. I've heard that other people have asked my current professors (in the classes that started yesterday) for letters of rec and were successful in doing so.

However, I want to ask people who are my current professors. Should I wait until after the final when I have received my grade or right before the final which gives a little more time for the deadlines? I know to attach a resume and statement of purpose and all that, but I need advice on when to ask for a letter of rec from a current prof?

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I would say first thing is to ask in person. Second, yes you can absolutely ask a current professor. Be sure though to have worked with him/her long enough so that he or she can comment on your abilities as a student. I would recommend until after the first exam or major essay/project. 

Also, don't let your first visit to your professor's office be when you ask for the LOR. Be sure to have visited several times (ask for help, clarify things, discuss your plans, advising, etc). Not all LOR's are created equal - just getting one isn't the goal, you want one that will get you into school. 

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