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Will I be able to apply for next fall?


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Hi! I have decided to go back and get a second bachelor's degree in my original major, History. With the credits I already have it seems that I will be able to start this coming spring and graduate after the summer. Would I be able to apply for PhD or Master programs that start next fall? I know many of the deadlines are in December, but I don't know how they would view me applying without even starting the degree yet even though by the fall it would be completed. I don't mind waiting until the following cycle. However, if I can get in sooner rather than later I would like to. Thanks for all of your help! 

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This is one of those questions that no one here will be able to answer. You'll want to contact specific programs you're interested in and ask them how they'll handle it. 

That said, what are your goals in doing a second bachelor's? Are there specific courses you're planning to take or training you're looking to acquire? If so, then it may be to your benefit to hold off on applying until the next cycle so that these courses and skills are documented in your application materials.

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Agreed.  What's the goal of getting a second bachelor's?  You can still enter in MA programs in History without a degree in History (or even a minor).  Those programs will prep you for the PhD (at least that's the idea).

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