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Different Degree Subjects, good or bad?


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I have a B.Sc. in mechanical eng (in a top 200 uni), a M.Sc. in electrical eng (in a top 20 uni) and I want to do a phd in computer science (in a top 10 uni). Although my main theme in the course of my studies was 'automatic control' I started worrying if these changing gears will hurt my future opportunities in industry or academia (if I want to be a prof). 

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Probably not. I will say that engineering has lots of academic opportunities in it, so finding a position in an engineering department might be (slightly) easier than finding one in a computer science department. But lots of CS and EE departments are combined and CS is a pretty wide-open field right now, so it's unlikely to make much of a difference. And having an MS in EE might make you desirable for teaching in engineering departments as wel.

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