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ETS may have lost my registration for subject test-advice needed


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So, I am taking a subject test. I decided I would take it both in September and in October as I am applying to schools this year. I need religious accommodations to take it on Monday rather than Saturday, so I had to send my registration in by mail. For those of you who don't know this process is a total mess, I had to call and email ETS over and over again for over a month (after they charged me for both tests,) I probably called them twice daily, before I was finally given an email with a registration number and test center information for the September test, and was basically told my registration for the October test was still being "processed" (remember, I have been charged for both tests.) 

Fast forward to today, I took the September test this Monday, and know it's fine, though, not spectacular, but I'm alright with that because I now have a great idea of what I need to study for October. I am feeling pretty good, call the GRE customer service again to check on the status of my October test. Lo and behold they have no record of my registration for the October test at all, including the fact that they charged me (even though the charge is still on my online banking transaction statement.) The deadline for Monday test registration has passed. They gave me a case number and told me to call back in 4 business days and see what happens. I am absolutely panicking, there seems to be a good chance I will not be permitted to take the test in October and even if the money is refunded, I'm afraid my chances for graduate school will be seriously hurt by this even though my grades, letters of rec, and research experiences are very strong. 

Does anyone have any advice? Is there legal recourse I can take with ETS? Should I tell graduate schools this story if I'm not permitted to take the October test? I'm completely furious, this is not my fault in the slightest and they must have records of the dozens of email exchanges and phone calls I've had with them in the past few months. What a nightmare. 

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