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Which research field between this two should I choose for Graduate School.




I'm currently a senior year student in the EE department at a Bangladeshi University, and I'm 2 months away from graduation. I'm considering applying to US universities for graduate studies. I expect to graduate with a CGPA of about 3.8 (junior and senior year: 3.93). I am a bit confused as to what to choose for my Graduate research field.

My research experience includes two different fields.

First, I participated in an International Competition, developing a Machine Learning system (software) for classifying the origin of media recordings.

Second, for my undergraduate research I've worked on nanophotonics, in particular, the enhancement of light trapping in novel solar cells via metal nanoparticles with computational methods.


Now, while applying for graduate schools I'm confused as to which line of research would be better for me.

I'm highly enthusiastic about modern (quantum) physics in general, so I am naturally drawn towards nanophotonics/solid state/ quantum electronics. But, I'm unsure about the future of these fields and the kind of jobs that these fields entail, and the chances of even getting a job.


On the other hand, I am a good programmer, and I feel like Deep Learning/ Machine Learning programs would be a safe and good choice, because of the possibility of a lot of application of these fields in the near future. I do enjoy working on these also, but I have never before thought about going into these fields.


So, could anyone who knows about the implications of working on any these areas discuss the kind of work that I would be doing and put forward any suggestions as to which might be a better choice. Any suggestion in general is welcome. Thanks a lot for your time.

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