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Looking at MA in Music Technology Programs


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Hi Everyone, 

I'm looking at Music Technology programs for Fall of 2017. I am finishing my BA in Music Education and I'm a little paranoid about if I have good odds of getting accepted without having a background in music technology. Im really good with computers and have taken one tech class in undergraduate, but some schools are asking for portfolios and while I do have material to turn in I don't know if it seems very impressive. Any suggestions from someone already in a program or someone also looking at one with what I should do to make myself look more applicable to a graduate school? 


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Im not sure if you mean the audio tech side or music side. In any case,years ago I took a computers/midi and music class when I was at Indiana U who (I imagine you know) has a pretty stellar music program. Anyway, I googled them to see if they had a ma or ms and found this: http://online.iu.edu/programs/view_program.php?program_id=24

but you might poke around the IU Bloomington site to see what they might have in addition to their first rate audio engineering.  good luck!

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I'm applying to 4 Masters programs in Music Technology for Fall 2019:

1. Temple University - MS in Music Technology - a brand new program

2. Brooklyn College - MFA in Sonic Arts - started in 2016

3. Berklee Valencia - MM in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation

4. FIU - MM in Music Technology

I'm also applying to CalArts's Performer/Composer MFA program. CalArts also has a Music Technology program that is similar to the programs at Stanford (highly tech-based).

Some other schools to look into are:

NYU, Music Technology

American University, Audio Technology

SUNY Purchase, Studio Composition

Michigan, Media Arts (aka Performing Arts Technology) - a really interesting program that unfortunately the deadline passed for!




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