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not related, but impressive experience?

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I am pursuing my master's degree in social work and would like to apply PhD in social work or public policy. My interests are administrative data, child, and inequality. Since my interest (administrative data) is kind of between social work and public policy, I will apply schools depending on which department prospective supervisors belong. 


Anyways, well, I have some irrelevant but impressive (I think) experience, and I am not sure if this would be appealing to admission committees as well. My cohort, social work department, has experienced a huge increase in the number of international students—almost tripled in recent years—and this has caused issues, especially regarding the international students' transition. So, I developed a peer mentoring program and organised the first pilot program earlier this year. I won a university grant ($2000) for this project last year. Then, I led a team of students to do evaluation research. We conducted focus group, wrote a report, and presented the result to the department staff. The head of the department promised funding for next year program operation. Now I am leading the team to publish the evaluation research. Of course, the research was supervised by one of the faculty. The supervisor has been working very closely with me over the past year and I think she would be able to write a very strong, detailed recommendation letter. 


The thing is, however, this experience is totally irrelevant to what I want to do in PhD. I am not interested in mentoring program or international students. Also, I want to do data science in my PhD, but the research above is qualitative research. 


Is this experience still good to write on SoP? 

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