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Transcripts from Community College classes taken after I received my Bachelor's


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I'm applying to MSW programs right now and I had a question about my transcripts. I received my bachelor of arts degree in 2013, and then took a couple years off. I then attended a local community college for just a few courses to get a letter of rec for my grad school applications. My question is, when submitting the transcripts for the community college, do they need to reflect that I stopped taking classes? Put another way: since I'm not receiving any sort of degree from this school, do I need to officially file any forms or "drop out" of the school so that the transcript doesn't just look incomplete? Or if I submit a transcript now with just those few courses, will that suffice for the admissions committee? My UCSD transcripts show that I was awarded my BA so it'll be clear I have a bachelor's degree.



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No, they'll understand your situation. I'm boning up on my math (differential equations, linear algebra) at a local community college before grad school, and it seems like all of the colleges I'm applying to understand it's just supplemental learning. 

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