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I'm looking to enter a PhD program in Poli Sci, specifically IR for the 2018 cycle. I live in Texas and am aiming at UT's program as I have already spoken with them and toured the LBJ school. However, I am also being a prudent Poli Sci guy and hedging risk. As such, I was wondering what y'alls suggestions are for full-ride programs with strengths in East Asia and Security Studies? My background: I was a Philosophy and Spanish double major at Loyola New Orleans. I've had a few years of work experience in real estate and teaching English abroad (I lived in Taiwan for four years). I am fluent in Spanish and conversant and literate in Mandarin. 

My interests: International Relations, behavioral approaches to the Social Sciences, Maritime and Energy Economics, East Asian (specifically Chinese) Studies, the impacts of climate change within a security studies framework, Col John Boyd and the impact of technology on American strategic thinking, the 500 year Go game between Alfred Thayer Mahan and Harold Mackinder, and videos of cats getting brainfreeze (because we could build a freakin' religion around that eucharist) 

Thanks for any suggestions, 


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I mean, any PhD program worth its salt pays you to do it. UT is not necessarily known for its strengths in East Asia, but most top programs have at least a handful of professors who do it. I also know Cornell and University of Washington both have faculty who have strengths in East Asia.

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