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MS data science/statistics profile evaluation HELP!


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Degree: Econ bachelor from top15 Chinese Univ. with the best econ school in China; UPenn MS  in policy&data (could have finished in 2018 but I am applying for the next fall so no master degree when got admitted)

GPA: 3.48(general), 3.64(major), 3.75(last two years); no GPA yet for the master at Penn

GRE: 167q+154v+3

Course: Undergrad-Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probabilities&Stats, Database, Applied Statistics; Grad-Programming Languages and Techniques, Applied regression, will finish modern regressing and forecasting methods next semester; MOOCs-1 for data scientist toolbox, 1 for R programming, 1 for Python data mining

Skills: Familiar with Python, R, Java, Stata, Processing, MySQL

Research: 1 national level research using econometric model, processing house-hold survey data in Stata; 1 job-oriented project using R, similar to typical work of a data scientist

Interns: one business analyst, one information assistant, one public administration, all in small firms/organizations

No strong Rec Letter.


Apply for: MS in data-related programs and transfer-friendly cs/mis programs

MCSE: Rice-MCSE, Harvard-CSE,

Data Analytics: UCB-EECS(data science and system), Cornell-MPS, Columbia-Applied Analytics, CMU-MITS



Am I aiming too high? Anyone I could delete from the list? Any info and comments are welcome!!


Thank you so much! I feel so frustrated in the transfer period.


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