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Is 327 good


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I took the GRE and scored 327, I was expecting somewhere around 333 and hence I am dejected.

I am aiming to apply to top colleges, including Stanford and UC Berkeley. My application is strong. I have a research paper accepted in a conference and about 6-7 projects during my undergraduate study. My GPA is also High, above 9.5/10.

What are my chances, should I retake the GRE or there is a possibility of me getting into UC Berkeley with this score.

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I'm by no means an expert, but here's what I would say: 1) You are going to get better advice on these forums if you say what your breakdown is (Q/V) , what you are going to study, and at what level (Master's PhD) 2) A 327 is a very good overall score, particularly combined with your nearly perfect GPA. 3) All admissions at top US universities are both a crapshoot and holistic -- it's not just numbers getting you in -- so I would focus on other areas of your application. 

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