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Hi All,

I have a question for those who may have experience regarding withdrawls and PhD admissions. I continued from undergrad into a Master's program with the intention of taking a semester of coursework in order to beef up the PhD applications (English/Lit) I'm currently working on. However, doing so made me realize that I need a break, and the burn out has not only made me consider postponing my applications, but withdrawing from the courses I'm currently enrolled in. While the semester's end is only a few weeks away, there still remains the seminar papers I'll need to submit by December, and my ideas just aren't coming.

That said, my concern is with the way these "W"'s could be perceived by future graduate programs -- that is, my first attempt at graduate work ending in a withdrawal. If ever I have to submit these transcripts, all anyone will see is two "W"'s. Could this negatively impact my chances for admission in the future? Has anyone been in this situation? 

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People don't care about W's, if they are not indicative of a consistent pattern. If you are worried, discuss the circumstances with a faculty member that you feel close to, and express your concerns. In general, though, a one-off bad term is not counted against you, as far as I can tell. 

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