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Do you include CV even if application didn't ask for it


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As the title said, if there's an experience/ publication section in the application, but nowhere to upload a CV except for in additional information section, can/should I upload my CV there?

I am asking because I have some works that are conference abstracts rather than actual publications. If i can't upload a CV, what are some ways I can highlight those?


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It's a small risk and it's up to you whether to do it. In the best case scenario, they will read your CV. In the most likely case scenario, they will just ignore it because it's extra info they didn't ask for. The worst case is that it counts against you because you didn't follow instructions.

Are the conference abstracts the only thing that is in your CV but not elsewhere in your application? If so, then just add the conference abstracts to the "extra info". Or, incorporate it in your SOP etc.

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