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Funded program for graduate program in Public Health


I'm gonna apply for PhD program in Epidemiology. However, I haven't got a master's degree yet.
My profile: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, GPA: top 5%, GRE: 317 (V 150, Q 167), Research experience: MedChem (undergrad level), 1st/2nd prizes in national research competitions (irrelevant). LOR from a Epi Professor in Emory Rollin SOPH.
Do I have any chance to got fully funded PhD program? Any advice's welcome...

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You say that your GPA is top 5%. What is it? I'm going to assume somewhere around a 3.6-3.7

You say that you have research experience. How much of it? 1 year? 2 years?

Sure, you have a chance at PhD programs in epidemiology that don't require an MS, assuming that you've got around 2 years of research experience from undergrad. But many PhD programs in epidemiology require an MS, so you'd expand your options a bit if you got one. I'd apply to the few programs that don't require it and a few MS programs in epi, so in case you aren't admitted to a PhD you can get the MS and prepare.

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