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Late LOR and a potential solution for the upcoming deadlines


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One of my letter writers has not uploaded his letters yet, and I have 3 deadlines in next couple of days. I had asked him in September, then I had made all the accounts sooner to make the process easier for him. He didn't respond my reminder and this has become the most stressful thing in this application process for me.

After these 3, I have 9 more deadlines in December and January and I was wondering if I should ask somebody else to write this 3rd letter for those schools?? I have worked a lot with this recommender, and his letter might be an important component of my application and that's why I have hesitated to do such a thing yet. I tell myself that it should be easier for him to send his letters by the deadline, when he has it written.


What do you think?? I should ask my alternative writer right now, if I want to switch out.. 


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My 3rd writer is notorious for being late with letters and such but I'm sticking with him because  I think his letter would add more value to my applications as he's known me for over a decade. I've emailed him regularly (even if he doesn't reply), texted him a few times and have his class schedule memorized should I need to loiter around his office to grab his attention. I heard that another student actually tracked him down and basically made him write the letters then and there. That's something I'm not comfortable with doing so I've resorted to stalking him basically. 

If this professor is your best option, stick with him. However, if he's unreliable like mine is, then I'd suggest using your altetnate for schools that may be a bit cumbersome. For example, one of the schools I'm applying for doesn't do automated email links. I didn't want to risk having him try and mail a hard copy etc. so I asked another professor for that particular school. This has become the hardest part of the whole process for me..... I wish you lots of luck!

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