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quick opinion on SOP

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Any advice is appreciated first off. So i took the GRE's and it went pretty subpar Quant: 147 Qual: 152 and AWA:4.5 so now im trying to figure out how to remain a strong applicant. 


I was thinking of mentioning in a quick sentence or two in my SOP about my Quant score in particular being mediocre, something along the lines of asking them to look at classes such as Research Methods, Intro to Audiology, and Phonetics and Acoustics all which include math in their courses and ones i received A's in. How these classes more accurately represent the set of math skills required to be a successful SLP and that i performed proficiently in these classes.


Is it worth mentioning? should i not draw attention to it? just trying to figure out how to sell myself.




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I don't think you should draw attention to a low score specifically - but you could address it more broadly like

"I've demonstrated my mathematical abilities by XYZ..."  if you want to tie it into a section where you talk about why you will be a  successful clinician 

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Came here to say exactly what @brookess11 said above. If you have the space in your SOP I would mention your mathematical abilities/success in the classes you mention but not say anything about the GRE scores. That accomplishes what you want without specifically drawing attention to the lower scores.

This is just my personal opinion, but as a general rule of thumb, I feel it's better to avoid anything self-deprecating in your statement of purpose and instead focus on whatever positive thing you're using to balance that out.

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Wow, we got almost the exam same GRE scores!  I had the same quant and AWA scores, but my verbal was 1 point higher.

I asked several individuals in my university's CSD department advice on my applications, including advice about my scores.  They told me that as long as I have 300 I should be fine (I'd assume 299 is fine as well, especially if you have a strong GPA).  It's not the greatest GRE score, but it's acceptable, and I've noticed it is pretty on par with the stats of those who have been accepted, at least to programs where I am applying.  Plus, our 4.5 AWA score well above average :).

I asked if I should I mention my quant score, and the consensus was no.  SOPs are usually limited to 2 pages maximum, so do you think it's worth using this space to mention your math skills?  I would personally say no, given that this is not a particularly math-intensive field.  A lot of my colleagues that I've talked to also have 146-149 quant scores.  Your SOP is of a narrative of your personal accomplishments related to SLP.  However, I think it is up to you to decide if it is worth mentioning.  If you do choose to mention it, I would have to agree with the poster above me in that is best to avoid anything self-deprecating, and to only mention your strengths in math.

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Unrelated to OP, but rather than start a new thread I'll just tag along.

I've recently been thinking more about getting into research and the possibly to going for a PhD after my Master's. The brunt of my SOP right now is about my experiences and how that will help me as a clinician/therapist and especially in wanting to work with kids. I am really passionate about that side of the field, so how to I also mention wanting to get into research and liking the faculty/facilities offered at the schools I'm applying to.
I guess my main thought is I don't want to appear as though I'm confused or unsure what I want to do, since research and therapy seem to be on opposite spectrums. I don't want to just randomly say "hey I also maybe want to do research".

Thanks in advanced for any advice!

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