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  1. HI! I'm currently a student at UT-Dallas (about to graduate in May, yay!!). I've loved my time in the program! First of all, the UTD program is phenomenal, and congrats OP on getting in-state tuition, (I was in the same boat). As far as living, the program is weird because you may end up with practicums at the Richardson location, which is about 30 minutes north of the Callier Dallas location. The Callier Dallas location is also where ALL of your graduate classes will be. I highly suggest living closer to Callier Dallas for ease of that, and then if you get a practicum at Richardson, find people to carpool with. It worked great for me and I made some of my closest friends that way. I live in the Medical District (about 6 minutes from Callier Dallas), and I've enjoyed it. I live off Maple Ave and my apartment is currently $1667 a month for a 2/2 that I share with a roommate who is also in the program. This seems to be about lower average for apartments. All utilities added up (electric, water, internet) I probably pay about $870ish a month. Someone from the UTD COMD Office will probably send a email asking if you want to have your info sent out if you're looking for a roommate or anything like that, and suggest a few areas nearby people typically live. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me and I wouldn't mind sharing my Facebook for other tips and advice!! :)
  2. Does anyone know the way to go about transferring schools? I know it can't be easy, but there has to be something able to do for this?
  3. I'm not sure about rolling admissions for the spring semester, but the earlier you get your application in seems to always be in better interest. I would not say that it raises your chances, but for UTD they accept those who they feel are qualified with their scores/gpa/resume/etc. Not necessarily a hard-limit on number of spots. Hope this helps a little bit, good luck!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/260281277753368/ UT-Dallas Facebook Group!
  5. Last year, there were upwards of 24 available, so many in previous cohorts did. This year there are only 6 or 7 from my understanding and talking with Dr. Stillman.
  6. I received an Email from Dr. Stillman, acceptances seem to be coming in sporadically. Not all at once. Most likely you will receive an email- my status changed right ton the main page in the portal (Applicant Center) afterward if you want to check it that way.
  7. I got an acceptance from USF (University of South Florida) on Friday. I've already committed to UT-D, so I'll be letting them know I won't take the spot. Good luck to all!
  8. For those accepted into the program for class of 2019 (specifically fall) I started a Facebook Group!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/260281277753368/
  9. Congrats! Send it to whichever address is provided in the portal when you go to the "to-do" list or wherever it says. I can't remember off the top of my head what the address was. Whichever it is that they had when you see that they are requesting the transcripts Then once you send it, if you keep up with the galaxy system and learn to navigate that (a little confusing) it should say they were received.
  10. Ya, this is just an official email from the school itself. You don't need to do that until you receive an email (most likely from Dr. Stillman) about the status of your acceptance. Don't worry about this! Once you are officially admitted you will have to send it that and a few other documents.
  11. I wore a dress! Just a pretty casual long-sleeve, knee length dress from Forever21 and some cute booties. Nothing too fancy!:) Good Luck!
  12. thank you!! I submitted my app the first week on January! I'm sure more people should be hearing soon!
  13. I applied and have been accepted to UT-Dallas. Was my top choice so most likely will be the program I will attend! Good Luck!
  14. You're stats are incredible. I didn't have any relevant research experience when I applied, (I did some wild dolphin internship research back in my junior year of high school. but that is pretty side-tracked). You're chances seem great, and especially in spring when they don't receive as heavy of applicants. Don't panic, love! You'll do great. I suggest when the time gets closer to email dr. stillman and make a connection with him. He's so kind and really likes to talk to prospective students. I feel like that helped me a lot. Just email him about something in the program or anything really. Reach out!!!! Good luck
  15. STATS: -Cumulative/Overall GPA: 3.67, Major GPA: 3.93, Last 60 GPA: 4.0 -GRE: 154V, 152Q, 5.0AW EXPERIENCE/PERSONAL: -Volunteer work at a Daycare that promotes bilingualism/language immersion at an early age -Earning my 25 hours during my capstone course in my last semester -Internship at a ABA Behavioral Center through my capstone course -2 Summers marching Drum Corps (2015-2016), 2 seasons marching Independent Color Guards (2014-2015) -Previous job as a camp counselor and gymnastics teacher -Current job as a Color Guard Instructor at a local high school for the past 2 years. Also an employee at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center -NSSLHA Member 2015-2017 I was applied to two schools -University of Texas at Dallas (admitted 2/2) -University of South Florida
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