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Transferring Schools?

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It probably depends on the program, but for many you have to go through the same application process as if you were a new grad student I think. Sometimes you can transfer grades for classes you've taken, but for most it's required you take the majority of your classes at that specific university.

I would email the programs you're trying to transfer into directly and ask if they accept transfer students, and if the classes you've already taken would count towards your MA. Good luck!!

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I've never heard of anyone transferring while in Graduate school.  I don't know if it exists in the traditional sense of things, the only reason undergraduates do it so easily is because every college freshman is taking the exact same classes for the most part.  English 100 Math whatever etc.  Graduate schools are so specialized and specific that it wouldn't make any sense for them to take the extra time to figure out if your current university has comparable coursework.  The bigger issue is that your graduate program signs off on your competency, they can't sign off on clinic or class they they themselves didn't provide.  At least that is what I think would be a big issue.

If you really don't like your program you can always re-apply to graduate school.  I think that's the only real path to changing schools, you'll most likely have to re-do everything.

You should post a thread on here if you discover a secret trick to transferring!

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