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What are my chances of getting into UTD's SLP Grad program with no research experience?

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Hey guys!

I am applying for Spring 2018 to the University of Texas at Dallas for Speech Language Pathology and I really want to go there. The only problem is that I don't have any research experience and I feel that they might not accept me because of this. 

These are my stats:

Undergrad GPA: 4.0

GRE: Quant:160 Verbal:162 writing: 4.5 

Other info: I am very involved at my University and have worked part time. I am also an officer in the Honors program at my school. The honors program requires us to do additional projects with our professors for honors credit, so I am not worried about my LoR. Also, this semester I am in a clinical practicum and have one client that I am treating (these hours actually go towards the grad. school practicum hours), so I was planning to get a LoR from my supervisor.


Do you think the other parts of my application can overshadow my lack of research experience?

Also, did anyone without any research experience get into the UTD- SLP grad. program??


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I think you are overthinking it. You have great stats and experience. A 4.0 is a big deal! But if you really feel that your lack of research is going to hold you back for UTD, then there is still time to get involved since you are applying in 2018. There are no sure routes to getting in, but you have done everything right so far. So if want to do research, do it. Just make sure that you don't come across as only wanting it as a resume booster, professors may be weary of that. No one can tell you in definite terms whether or not research will be the determining factor for entry, but just remember... you are already a competitive candidate! :) 



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You basically have perfect stats in regards to your GPA and GRE scores, so i'd suggest you just focus on maintaining your 4.0 (and don't panic if it drops a little bc the GRE scores are well above their average applicant) and you should be fine.  The research experience is nbd with those stats.  Focus your time and energy on your personal statement and really connecting to why you want to go to UTD over other programs and having solid letter's of rec.  Focus less on what you are 'missing' and more on why you want to enter this field, they will appreciate that way more than research.  Are you a Texas resident?  If you do all the above you have a fantastic shot of getting in.  Go tour too, that way you can really write about why you want to go there.  

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You're stats are incredible. I didn't have any relevant research experience when I applied, (I did some wild dolphin internship research back in my junior year of high school. but that is pretty side-tracked). You're chances seem great, and especially in spring when they don't receive as heavy of applicants. 
Don't panic, love! You'll do great. I suggest when the time gets closer to email dr. stillman and make a connection with him. He's so kind and really likes to talk to prospective students. I feel like that helped me a lot. Just email him about something in the program or anything really. Reach out!!!! 
Good luck :)

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I am sitting at a table with 2 people who didn't have any research in undergrad and the other 3 of has had very little! Your stats are fantastic, so I think you are in really good shape. I think the most helpful thing you could do would be to start developing some kind of relationship with Dr. Stillman. Like k_kismet said, he loves talking to students, and he's so kind. You've got this! Good luck!

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