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I have seen a lot of threads about Interfolio, but it is still confusing. I have already sent my letters to many universities with no problem, but I am having doubts regarding universities that expressly state that they do not accept letters through Interfolio. My confusion arises from the fact that Interfolio can deliver the letters in two different ways: directly to the university or through the online application. Of course that I am sending my letters through the online application. For example, Michigan's Political Science Department says the following:

" The letters of recommendation should be submitted through the online application system. Instructions for submission can be found HERE. At this time we are not able to accept letters from letter services such as Interfolio."

If Interfolio is able to upload the letter to the online application system (as they manage to do with most portals), would they accept my letter? I mean, perhaps the warning from UMich is referring to the fact that they do not accept letters directly from Interfolio but they are not considering the possibility of Interfolio uploading it directly to the online application.

Anyone knows?



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