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International Relations: "Am I Competitive" Thread


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A thread for IR grad admission discussion. I'll go first.

Program/Institution: Professional Degree Programs such as Johns Hopkins SAIS, Georgetown MSFS, Columbia SIPA, Tufts Fletcher, GWU Elliott, American SIS

Interests: Political Economy or Middle East Focus Undergrad Institution: Top 30 public university Undergraduate Major: Political Science and Economics with an Asian Studies Minor

Undergraduate GPA: 3.37/4.0 (About 3.3 first two years and 3.5 final two, extra math classes held me down a bit, Poli Sci and International classes for last 2 years is 3.76)

Quantitative Courses: AP Stats, Intro to Stats (B+), Econometrics (C+, which was not reflective of ability), AP Calc AB and BC, Calc III (B-), Applied Linear Algebra (B), Intro to Scientific Programming (A)

GRE: 170 VR, 163 QR

Age: 22

Years of Work Experience: ~1 if counting internships (Pol/Econ intern in US Embassy in a Central Asian Country, Consular intern in US Embassy in Caucasian Country, Congressman from my home state)

Foreign Language Profieciency: Farsi (has atrophied, but I can get it back up before matriculation)

LORs: 2 professors (one ECON and one Poli Sci), and boss from Central Asia

Concerns: My GPA is a little low, but you can see my grades improve starting junior year. Especially in internationally focused classes. Econ average is only a B, but it is higher for my upper class years. Fresh out of undergrad, so little work experience. Worried about funding.

Any insight into admissions and funding would be greatly appreciated.

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