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A branch off of the Applicant Profile group, but for discussions on paleoclimate/paleoceanography hopefuls! Type below your undergraduate/masters institution, what type of research you've done and want to do, where you're applying (specific programs and/or faculty, if you want to say), and if you've applied for any fellowships. Feel free to ask questions, too. 

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Current Inst.: Rutgers
Research: Currently paleoceanography (inorganic and organic geochemistry); did an REU at Tier-1 program; working on independent project at the moment. Want to dive into nexus between glacial geology and high-latitude oceanography or low-latitude interior ocean processes. 
Applying to: UCSD, CalTech, Rutgers, Columbia, OSU, UCSC. 
Applied for: NSF GRFP as undergraduate

Curious where other paleo-people are applying to and what research everyone is interested in!

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Current Institution: Cornell University (Staff), Master's at Columbia in Climate and Society, Undergrad at LSU in Environmental Science and Biology
Research: I did a senior thesis in paleotempestology (study of ancient tropical cyclones) and had non-paleo related research experiences at NOAA and NASA in separate summers, as well as some experience at the Climatology Dept and others at LSU. I am interested in using foramanifera, speleothems, and/or corals as oceanographic proxies for changing ocean-atmosphere patterns. Don't necessarily know what time frame I'm 100% honed in on yet
Applying to: Columbia, MIT-WHOI Joint Program, UCSD (Scripps), Brown, Rutgers, Oregon State
Fellowships Applied to: NDSEG and have NASA and EPA on the radar. Wasn't eligible for NSF because of Master's

Thanks for starting this thread!  I'm interested too, as I def don't hear about many other people applying in this field.

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I'm so glad to see that we already have a thread!

Undergrad: SUNY New Paltz Env Geochem

Applied to: Ohio State University, UMaine, Uni of Wisconsin at Madison, UNH, Uni at Buffalo

I am not 100% sure what I wanted out of a MS program after a broad undergrad program but I found some fascinating Cenozoic to Quaternary geochronology based projects. My prior experience was plant based at Saguaro Natl Park and engineering based studying trombe wall heat retention, grad school is a chance to get back into more of an earth science focus. 

I haven't heard anything formal yet but I was sent a stack of papers to read from Ohio to catch up on the team's research on marine barite and stromatolites as paleo proxies - fingers crossed!

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Late to the party, but happy this is here! Hi, paleo peeps!

Undergrad: U Maryland, Anthropology and GIS

Masters: U Sheffield, Osteoarchaeology

Research: Undergrad RA in paleoclimate/zooarchaeology lab where studied prehistoric/Viking Iceland. Smithsonian Natural History Museum RA where studied paleoenviro in the Chesapeake using oysters. Want to study conservation paleobiology of estuaries (don't ask me where lol. I'm looking at both the Arctic and Pacific Islands, so basically anywhere).

Applied to: U Georgia, U Chicago, Penn State, BU, Brown

Got interviews for Penn State, Georgia, and Chicago so far, haven't heard from BU or Brown. All extremities will be crossed for a while! 

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