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Low grade in First semester class, worried and depressed

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I am an international student in a Biosciences PhD program in the US. Just received grades for my first semester classes and one of them is a C, while the rest are A-s and B+s. The course I received a C on has been really whopping me all semester and though I thought I did well enough in the final test to scrape a B-, the grade on it was still too low. It's one of the required courses for my program and is definitely relevant for all Bioscience students. I talked to my department and they said I'll be placed on an Academic probation next semester and as long as I don't get another C, I'll be fine. But my question is, how will this affect me long term? I'm still rotating and have just picked a lab where the PI is also interested in hiring me,  but I'm afraid this would make them reconsider.  That lab has a history of all their grad students getting their own funding (like, NRSA grants) after passing qualifiers so are low grades in the first semester going to be a big disadvantage for when I try? Worried and depressed. 

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I am sure your low grade will not effect your chances to get a job. I have been to at least 10 interviews and may be 1 asked me for transcript.

But low grade might effect chances of getting funding in your studies. Can you take the course again ?

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I don't think it will affect you as long as you don't panic. I know easier said than done. Like Anka suggested maybe retake the course? But only after you are out of academic probation. Is it possible to take a lighter load so that way you can focus on those courses and get the highest grade possible? If you are worried about this grade maybe bring it up to the professor in charge of that lab. Maybe say something like this "I unfortunately received a C in X course. I have planned to do Q, Y, Z to improve my grades and overall time management.  I am greatly interested in being a part of your lab, would this grade affect your decision? If so, what would you suggest for me to improve/make you feel comfortable in allowing me to be part of your lab". That way it shows that you take them and their advice sersiuosly, and you have thought and plan things out. Idk if this helped but I hope so!

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