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Pet-friendly lodging?


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Dear all,

I am asking because I was about to adopt a cat before the owners were finally found. Although I miss having a kitty, I know it's not very smart to adopt an animal when I don't even know where I'll end up and, more specifically, how easy it will be to find a pet-friendly apartment in the US.

So to vent some of my frustration, I thought I'd ask here: how likely are apartment owners to accept a cat or two or any other animal in said apartment? Is rent higher in these places?

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There are also threads about having a dog in grad school, FYI.

To answer your question, none of us can tell you how likely this is because it varies so much from one place to another in the US. There are also lots of places which will accept one cat but not two, which is something to keep in mind.

One thing you might consider is looking for a roommate who already has a cat so you can have the advantages of having one around until you get a better sense of what the options are for you personally to adopt one.

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