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Just tell us already!!!


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I don't understand why it takes so long. Yes we have writing samples to read (usually) and the sciences don't. But seriously, I have heard from 2/4 UK schools I applied to and I had to submit research proposals, SOPs, writing samples, the works. I applied December 6, my application was complete by the 15th and my acceptance letter was mailed January 6. So less than a month including Christmas holidays!! Why can't US schools be a little speedier? I'm dying here...


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Yes, the process is slow.

From the other side, here are a couple of reasons why.

First, the files go through the graduate school (at least at my institution) which is sorting applications for admissions to a huge range of programs and making sure they are complete.

Second, when they do make it over to our office, the faculty on the committee are just that: faculty. We all have teaching and research responsibilities that don't sit idle while we are reading admissions files. We're not admissions officers - this is a responsibility on top of our regular commitments.

Third, once a list of candidates is compiled and is approved by the department as a whole, it needs to go through a set of decisions about funding etc that happens (or at least needs approval) at the graduate school level. Again, they're working with admissions in a variety of programs.

This isn't to say it isn't frustrating from the applicant's end, but just so you have a sense of what's going on at our end.

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I second everyone's stress! For me, it's not really helping that a friend of mine in the sciences has already gotten glowing (and generously-funded) acceptances from two of his schools. Granted, he's in a far, far smaller field than PS, and a national standout in that field, so the personal attention is understandable. I couldn't be happier for him, but at the same time, I really wish every field could decide that quickly! I know it's completely not possible - just my own anxiety. I guess a month or two really isn't all that long to wait, though, especially considering the 5+ years we're going to be spending in grad school.

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Three people have already posted results from Berkeley in the results! I want to know who they are, how good they are, etc...


Three weeks. Three weeks.

I wouldn't worry too much about the Berkeley results. I think the general consensus is that they are most likely fake. At least that is what those of us who have applied keep telling ourselves.:)

At any rate, based on what happened last year, the Berkeley results were posted far too early to appear legitimate. Also, based on what I know of last year's cycle, people are usually pretty good about coming forward and attesting to an acceptance that has been posted on the results page, especially when people start asking questions about it.

The waiting has been driving me crazy too, February can't seem to get here fast enough.

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