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Funding for MSW???


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I'm only applying to a few programs (Bridgewater State & Simmons, and the other one is a combo MSW/PhD so I'd be fully funded there) but I'm just curious about what other folks' experiences with funding have been like. I know most programs say that you can't feasibly work because your clinical hours eat up all the time that you're not in class so...how does one live for two years without working? I know some unis offer opportunities for TAships that give you some cash but it doesn't seem like it's enough to cover living expenses. I know most MSW programs are more about practical experience rather than research but being an RA is how I made my money during undergrad, lol. Also, for folks in Massachusetts, do you know if it's against state regs to be paid for an internship that you're getting course credit for, or does it vary from school to school? 

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As a fellow MA resident, I can tell you that it isn't against any rules to get paid for field placements. They're just very rare and tend to fill up quickly when offered!

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