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I'm international. I've gotten interviews at Emory and Mount Sinai so far. Probably rejected from UW and UPenn. Still waiting to hear back from Cornell Weill, Yale and Vanderbilt. 

Being international definitely puts you at a disadvantage. Interview and acceptance rates are way less for international applicants because of funding issues. You need to have a better application than what they expect from domestic students to stand out.

There's still time to hear back. Wish you best of luck!

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I am also International applicant and haven't received any invites, rejects, or any other kinds of decision. I think it's mainly just my programs haven't started sending them out yet, international or otherwise. However, looking at the result search page, I think for some school, they do send out invites for domestic first ( and internationals who are currently in the US). That might have something to do with attendance on the interview weekends, since they need to organize the interview weekend soon and most internationals who are not in the country would be asked for Skype interview instead. 

That is just my own interpretation of the situation, though. 

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Another international here. I think the real deal is whether you're residing in the US (maybe also Canada) or not. 

If you're residing in the US now (like me), it's very likely that the timeline is the same as domestic students for the majority of programs. That's because many programs will invite internationals residing in the US together with domestics to their interview weekends.

If you're residing outside of the US, the situation is different for each program. For some programs (like Harvard BBS, Sloan Kettering, Weill Cornell), the timeline is still the same as domestics. However, for many many other programs, the committees tend to review internationals and offer Skype interviews later (January or even February). So if that's your case, don't worry, because many programs have not even sent out skype interviews yet. 

Just hang in there and good things will happen after the holiday season :) I'll be happy to take a look at your profile if you want. Good luck!

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