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C+ first Semester in Grad school

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Hello everyone, 

This winter vacation has been pretty sad since I earned a C+ in one of my speech classes. I've done pretty well in my other classes, including the clinical practicum - ranging from A- to A. Right now my cumulative GPA is 3.3. I know if I earn another C+ I will get kicked out of the program. I will be taking remediation for the C+ next semester. The Professor for that course is very particular and has high standards, which I understand is the nature of graduate school. 

I will be working with that professor next semester, which is part of the remediation process. I believe she will give me assignments based on the weaknesses I had for her course. I did not e-mail her yet, I'm not sure what is the protocol (if I should wait for her to e-mail me or should I e-mail her). I am thinking about attending the program on a part-time basis and graduating in three years instead. I know someone that is taking the program slowly and I want to consult with her. 

In all my years I always felt somewhat confident about me finishing the field. But after this semester I really wonder if I will get removed out of the program. Another C+ and I'm done. I've worked exceptionally hard this semester and would come on weekends to work on projects and study. 

For the class I earned a C+, it's mainly because I earned a 75 on the midterm and 74 on the final. For the midterm, I did not concentrate on the journal articles and I got skewered. For the final, I studied so much the journal articles that I believe the multiple choice suffered. 

Over this winter break I plan on reviewing the material for the professor's class, so when I do meet with her, at least she'll see I was diligent. I am so angry at myself, I wish I studied the multiple choice material for the final, otherwise, I would not be in this predicament. 

I'm on track on taking 13 credits next semester btw. I'm also thinking about not getting the TSSLD certification to lighten the load.

Please, any advice will mean a lot! 

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If the TSSLD certificate isn't needed - definitely skip it. You need to focus on getting your degree first and foremost. The rest can wait. 

As for when to email the prof, I always go for proactive and front-loading behaviors. So I'd email her. 

Finally, don't be afraid to reach out for help from people in your cohort or mentors among the faculty in your department. We're all in this together! The school / department you're in does not want you to fail out. They want you to succeed. Find an advocate in your department and get as much advice and support as you can. Maybe you just need new study tips. I recommend working with classmates (I'm such an independent studier, but grad school has forced me to make teams and learn with others). 

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My closest friend from undergrad got a C in her pediatric language class this semester and is doing remediation too next semester. Don't freak about it and don't worry about what will happen if you do get another C. Just work on the remediation this semester and keep your head up. Grad school is tough, and SLP is an even tougher field. Good luck next semester!

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