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Qin Shi Huandi

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Hello, I am new here but have been trolling for a whiles. I was not born in USA, but spent most of my life here and love American history, especially the Civil War.

This is my proposition: we all fill out one more application, to the grad cafe university. List whatever info you want (I know privacy is super important for everybody, including me), the positives and negatives.

Here are my basics:

Positives: 3.92 GPA from good public university, 670 V, 800 Q GRE score, double majored with good humanities background, research experience in history, two very good LORs, excellent SOP with a good fit at all my universities.

Negatives One possibly lukewarm LOR, 5 AW on GRE, no senior thesis, good/ok but not spectacular writing sample.

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Qin, I did like the idea, but many of us have already posted our stats on other threads, such as the negatives and positives threads. :)

I think it's pretentious. And it might make some of us nervous to see our competiton's stats. The little we know about others, the better. At least I think so.

I'd rather talk about something that isn't related to grad school.

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