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BA or post-Bacc?

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Just running through some ideas and looking for advice. 

I previously started a BA psych degree (some 15ish years ago) but never completed. I've applied/been accepted/had transfer credits evaluated at a local university. I'm wondering which option makes more sense:

1. Finish BA Psych (45 total credits needed - approx. 15 courses) and then do post-Bacc (looks like around 8 courses)

2. Switch to BA communication disorders (80 credits needed - approx. 27 courses) 

2A. Also, if I did option 2, I would need 4 additional courses for double major (psych/comm disorders). Any benefit to doing this?

3. (Haven't researched this yet) Try another local university for BA major psych and minor communication disorders (there is a local university that offers the minor)


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Check out Utah State online's 1st bachelor's program to see how many credits that would require. Remember that you'll have to complete the leveling courses as part of grad school at a higher tuition if you don't do your bachelor's in CSD. I like psychology (it was my 1st bachelor's) but if you're certain you want to do SLP rather than something psychology-related as a career, I don't see much point in finishing the psych major.

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I would get the degree in CSD if you are really interested in Speech Pathology.  I have a BA in psychology -almost every job I applied to out of college wanted a degree in psychology or similar field.  I think you can sub a CSD major for a psych one but not the other way around.  Also, SLP master programs all have different pre-requisites -but if you have a major in CSD you don't have worry about it.  I'm doing a post-bacc now and the 4 grad programs I'm applying to all have different requirements for non-majors.  Also, you can apply to a Master's program in counseling, social work, etc. with a  CSD major if you change your mind.  In my opinion a double major isn't necessary.  From life experience (I'm 42) I can tell you most employers just look at the degree and don't really care about the major.  

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