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On 3/14/2019 at 10:09 AM, ioseirdne said:

I got accepted 3/1 for the online advanced standing option.  I'm curious how other people got scholarships, I am waiting to hear back about my financial aid packet.  I plan on starting in the summer.  They were the only school I applied to because they had the concentration I wanted.  I have to do online because my family needs me here and also this area really needs quality msw's but I was drawn to the synchronous format.  It appears lot of people turned this program down because of the expense.  My gpa is 3.92- I'm just wondering if additional paperwork was submitted or were the scholarships offered without asking?? Maybe the scholarships are just for people who attend in person.

I also wonder if scholarships are for in-person students. Give the admissions or financial aid department a call and emphasize that cost is a determining factor... 

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Congratulations to all that go to this school. They have an amazing animal therapy program I wanted to do along with my MSW. Unfortunately, they alerted me that tuition was 100K USD per year, and as I'm Canadian, i did not qualify for any scholarships, and that state apparently does not take international grants and scholarships into consideration. I just definitely couldn't afford it, but hopefully one day I can do the animal therapy portion one day. Following this thread to see how awesome you all do, and to get more updates on this school!

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