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Which GRE General Test scores should I report?


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Hi everyone. I'm having a difficult time deciding which GRE scores I should report.

Here are the results from each session:


QR: 147 | VR: 152  |  AW: 4.5


QR: 145 | VR: 157  |  AW: 4.5


QR: 143 | VR: 159  |  AW: 4.5 (probably)

As you can see, as my verbal score ascended, my quantitative descended. :(

I'm inclined to think that I should submit the middle of the scores, but my score of 159 on the verbal portion is actually at the top of the range for one of the schools I'm applying to. No one was reported to have scored over 159, so I thought at least my verbal would look impressive despite my awful quantitative score. I'm applying to a speech-language pathology program so I would think that they'd be more concerned with my verbal reasoning than my quantitative reasoning.

I'd like to know what you guys would do if you were in my position.

Thank you!

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@wet gremlin I do. One of the directors said that they take whatever score was sent to them most recently and discard the rest, but I do have the option to fill out the standardized test section on the online application with whatever scores I wish.

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Hm. In that case, I'd worry that they'd notice my reported scores were different than the ones I'd filled in, and think I was trying to hide something.  Unless the director told you to fill in the scores you wanted considered?

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