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PhD in EE (RFIC) Profile Evaluation


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Hello Guys. Thanking all of you ahead for reading my posts and writing your thoughts as comments.  I have been out of Grad School application scene past 5 years and need some help assessing my profile and giving me few tips and suggestion.  It will be great to know how my profile stacks up against fellow applications for Top 30 EE RFIC/Analog IC/Circuits PhD Programs in US/Europe.  Any University suggestion is appreciated as well.  For Spring 2018/Fall 2018 session.   (Critics are welcome as i need to improve, be as frank as possible)

My Profile:     GRE (Q 170 / V 155 / 4.0) , MS in EE with Research/Thesis from TTU (2012) - GPA 3.7/4.0, BS in EE GPA 3.6/4    (No Publications)

Work Experience -- 4 years and counting -- 3 years at Qualcomm (top 5 RFIC Company) as RF Hardware and Test Engineer, 1.5+ at another competitor (present). 

I have been told my work experience is negative for PhD as its been 4 years since i graduated with MS, Does it matter that much ? What do you guys think about my acceptance chances to Top 30-50 EE Programs In US/Europe .  Any university you want to suggest.

Few University of my choice with similar research interest  --  UT Austin, Texas A&M, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine/Davis.  Georgia Tech, Univ of Colorado Boulder, Arizona State University, University of Washington. USC, UMass Amherst. NCSU

Thanks Again,

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