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Did not waive my rights


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I didn't waive my rights to view my LORs, not knowing that you should waive your rights if you want your letters to be taken seriously. Is there anything I can do about it now that they've already been submitted? I still haven't read any of the letters except for one that the professor voluntarily sent me through email. Will the fact that I didn't waive my rights actually hurt my application? I'm just really kicking myself because I'm confident in what my recommenders wrote, I was just curious to know what the letters said (which like I said, I still haven't even read), and it never occurred to me that this could be viewed as a negative thing. I guess I'm asking if there's anything I can do about it at this point or if anyone has had a similar experience? 

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I don't think there is anything you can do about it now. I guess just take it in stride and know that in general you should waive them. The main experience I've had is that one of my LOR refuses to write for anyone who doesn't waive. He said he found it disrespectful. Now thats just my mentor and not everyone on the planet. I don't think this will sink you but I've only been through this process as a MA student. I think you will be fine!

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I waived my rights to see the letters when I applied to the master's program and 2/3 of the LOR writers sent me a copy anyway.

I also waived my rights again when applying to a PhD program - 2/3 sent me a copy anyway.


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