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  1. I applied for a graduate or research assistantship for the program I'll be attending for my master's degree. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about inquiring about the status of my application. We were told awards would generally be given out by the end of May. Is it too early to check in and ask when I might find out? I would like to ask if it seems appropriate, but I also don't want to ask and seem too eager and therefore make me a less appealing candidate. I think a I have a pretty good shot because the school is small and they have a pretty good amount of graduate/research assist
  2. Yeah this is awful. If anyone wants to look into being roommates in Salem, please let me know. I'm already stressing over finding an affordable place with two small dogs.
  3. Hey! I have not gotten anything yet, but I didn't check my mail yesterday. I'm thinking I should get my letter any day now.
  4. Apparently they send it in the mail about a week after you get the email. The award letter is supposed to be behind the acceptance letter.
  5. One thing a friend of mine told me: if you want to go ahead and pay the BC deposit, but want to still may consider Loyola, then maybe add the deposit you'd make to BC to the amount of money Loyola would need to offer you. I think its $300 at BC, so just add $300 on whatever number you'd want from Loyola.
  6. You get an email to set up agora if you aren't a student and they say they received it. As far as I can tell though, that was only when I submitted the application online, not when they got the other materials.
  7. I didn't get an email about my application being complete either. It drove me crazy. I wish agora would have had something (like a checklist) just so you can know that they received everything. I swear I checked my submitted documents like 5 separate times to make sure they were all there with the list on the admissions page for what they needed.
  8. I think that's all great ways to make your decisions. I actually made mine officially on Saturday. It was so funny, I was so, so anxious about making this decision and hearing from BC. I finally heard from BC on Friday, which I was thrilled about, but then I knew I wanted to go to Salem State. I had been agonizing over the decision for about a month and a half, making pro/con lists, etc. A lot of it was a financial decision, even though I don't know what BC has offered me yet. I think I'll get some offer of a merit scholarship, but I doubt that it would make the cost of attendance cheaper than
  9. Thank you! It feels really awesome. Hopefully it'll just be another week or two so you can decide. Thank you!
  10. I decided to go to Salem State!! I haven't even gotten the financial info from BC, but I decided it's where I really want to be. I think I'll have more opportunities in a smaller sized program vs a larger program with a lot more competition. I'm so happy. I hope you all get to decide soon too!
  11. Thanks everyone!! Now I only have about a week to make a final decision...but I will celebrate tonight. Tomorrow I can start worrying again about the decision!
  12. Hey guys. I'm really starting to think about just going ahead and accepting SSU, even though I haven't heard back from BC. They didn't even bother to return my phone call after I left a message the other day. I'm just thinking that no matter what they offer me, SSU is going to be cheaper. I've made lists of pros/cons/other considerations and for me to even keep considering BC I'd need to get a really large scholarship offer. Even still, if that were offered, I would still be really considering SSU. I'm going to have coffee/tea with one of my references/someone who has a background in social wo
  13. Thanks! I will have a car, but I plan to not drive to anything related to school. There are bus routes that go to Salem, so you can get to Boston that way. There is also a commuter rail that's really nice (I rode it when I visited), but it would be really expensive to take every day. You can get a T pass (excluding commuter rails) and buses for unlimited use for about $80 a month. It's normally $85, but college students get around a 10% discount! I'm not a MA resident either, so I'll be figuring everything out once I'm there!!
  14. Hi everyone! I wanted to start a thread specifically regarding decision about MSW programs and picking between multiple offers. I thought it would be nice to have a place for this, specifically for the MSW folks (and I hope someone else hasn't already started a thread like this). My current decision is really going to come down to picking between Boston College and Salem State University. I got a really generous scholarship offer from Wheelock College last night for $20,000 total in scholarship money (total for the degree program), but that still would mean WC would be more expensive tha
  15. I'm looking only at programs in the Boston area and I've been pretty impressed by Salem State's program. From everything I've read, the placements are the same as BC/Simmons/other local program students and the cost is a lot less. I got a really good scholarship offer from Wheelock last night in the mail but it still doesn't make up the difference in cost vs SSU. I think they accept applications later than other programs too.
  16. Hey guys! I got a really generous merit scholarship from Wheelock College last night in the mail. I don't think it's enough to make it cost less than SSU though. Still, it feels really great to know a school thinks highly of my application! I'm still waiting to hear anything from BC, they haven't even called me back from the admissions office :/.
  17. Thanks!! I don't expect them to tell me anything over the phone about the decision, I just want to know when I'll hear!
  18. I made my pro and con list last week without the offer yet that I'll hopefully get! Let me know if you want to compare notes, feel free to send me a message.
  19. I had to leave a message....hopefully they'll call me back today!
  20. I'm going to call BC today at my lunchtime to try to see when I might find out my decision. Tomorrow will make it so I only have two weeks to reply to SSU, but I assume it'll take at least a week for any award notice to come in the mail. Hopefully they can let me know when I can expect a decision so I can ask SSU for an extension if I have to, but I really hope I won't have to.
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