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  1. Oh I meant to ask one more thing! Did BC give you a time limit to accept their offer?
  2. Definitely! I loved my visit at BC. I emailed prior to going and they set a meeting up with the assistant dean of the School of Social Work Admissions. He had a lot of great information. I went with some questions already written down and took notes. Definitely take some time to check out the campus too, it is breathtaking. I'd never been to a college with so many great, old, gothic style buildings and it was amazing to see it in person. I also took the T to get to and from the campus to really experience it. Apparently that branch of the T is the oldest and slowest, but I didn't have any prob
  3. Ah good to know! I heard they notify advanced standing applicants first. I'm applying for a 2 year program. Will you be attending?
  4. For BC? Were you applying for advanced standing? I hope to hear soon!!
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    One year a long time ago, there were penguins who didn't wear hats when swimming. This made their mothers livid. "Unacceptable!" Frightened, they screamed, "Bears!" Nobody seemed convinced so instead of going swimming they tried juggling. Their mothers tried everything they thought would teach her a skill. However, she couldn't even make oatmeal without disastrous results. So, the penguins gathered money (obviously) trying to purchase a bear. Towering over them, a grizzly beast danced, devouring all bears with such ferocity that even God enjoyed it. Afterwards, God congratulated the penguins
  6. Yes! I live in a super red state (which I hate, by the way) and can't wait to get out and live in Massachusetts later this year. The weekend after the election, someone went around and spray painted swastikas on street signs just outside of town. This election has really emboldened the worst kinds of people. On the other hand, there are also a lot of people that are willing to fight for everyone's rights (myself included). But yes, I wholeheartedly agree with really researching the towns that you're looking at living in. There's also a City Guide section of the forums where you can talk to peo
  7. Congrats!! I'll be moving to the Boston area in the Fall, I'm just not sure which school yet!
  8. Well I didn't waive my rights either. I hope it doesn't make a difference, I didn't know that it was that big of a deal.
  9. I've gotta say though, I got one admit from my safety school and it's made me even more anxious. I don't know if that's common. I'm glad I got it but would really like to know about the other two. Ugh!
  10. Thanks for posting this. I am so worried about this administration. I'm applying to Master of Social Work programs and want to work with women who have been victims of domestic and sexual violence. The kind of non-profits and campus groups are funded in large part by VAWA, which is up on the chopping block currently. I'm not so worried I guess about being able to finish school, but maybe finding a job after. On the other hand, it makes me want to fight even harder to serve this population, especially as we may see changes to local police departments and their willingness or ability to help vic
  11. Great post! I've been thinking about this all weekend in relation to people applying to schools. Much love to our international friends, and I hope you are still able to go to whichever school you'd like once you get in.
  12. Mine is Boston College, but to be able to afford to go there I'd have to get an assistantship or some pretty good scholarships. I got to visit the school in the fall and sit down and ask the assistant dean questions about the program. I was blown away by the opportunities they have in Boston for field placements. I also would do the trauma certificate if I end up going there, since I want to serve women who have been victims of violence.
  13. Yeah! I applied to SSU on Halloween because they waived the app fee in October...but my last LOR wasn't in until January 2. Hopefully we'll hear something this week. I looked through acceptances from the past few years for those two schools and a lot came out the first couple weeks in February.
  14. Yeah, definitely. I see we've both applied to BC! That's my number one, but I'd have to get a lot of scholarship money or an assistantship to be able to afford it. I really want to live in Boston after visiting schools in the area and visiting the city. I've been planning this for two years and the closer it gets, the harder it is to wait it seems.
  15. Me too!! I'm SO anxious. I got my acceptance to my backup school this week, which I am extremely happy about, but now I'm so anxious. I know now at least I'll be going somewhere and I'll be relocating to Boston, but I really want to go to one of the other schools more. What are you doing to try to keep yourself occupied? I've been planning my move and when I'm going to give notice at work, now that I know I'm moving for sure. That's helped some. It's also helpful to see that not many people have heard from my other two schools yet.
  16. Hey! I'm applying to BC too. I'm still waiting to hear from them, but I know they weren't going to start reviewing applications until this month anyway. Good luck!
  17. Waiting has been terrible! I got my first admission notification from my 3rd choice school (of 3) so now I'm even more anxious about the other two!
  18. I live here now and have both as a student and as a professional. Please ask me any questions. I have to be honest though, I hate living here and I can't wait to leave. I second the advice about living in South Park, though there is a lot of partying that can go on there too. In general I'd avoid any big apartment complexes, as most of those landlords truly are "scumlords" and normally don't return any of your security deposit, even if the place is left better than when you moved in (this has happened to me). Metro Property is a big rental company in town and maybe when you get here they
  19. Hi! You live in Salem and I'm applying to Salem State for a Master of Social Work. Is that where you have attended school previously?
  20. So I got my first acceptance yesterday, for which I was thrilled because now I know I will be moving to Boston (or Salem)...but now I'm incredibly anxious to hear back from the other schools. Yesterday I was much more at ease, but now I'm checking my email every 10 minutes (which is ridiculous). Ah!
  21. This is awesome! I want to focus on helping women who have been victims of domestic and sexual violence. Best of luck to you!
  22. Omg, I'm freaking out! I hope I'll hear this week. When did you apply and how did you hear? Edit: ...sorry I went back and read some more comments. I'm really happy for you! I can't wait to find out. I can't imagine waiting for more schools, I only applied to 3 and now that I have one acceptance I want the rest!
  23. I just got an acceptance email from Wheelock College in Boston!!!!
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