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  1. All of this is such great information to know, now if I could just stop my mind from going a mile a minute constantly over all the pros and cons! I should only have a couple more weeks though til I make a decision, luckily.
  2. I think this is a really great point, especially about the school being excited about you. My big decision is going to be between a medium size program and a really large program, and one of the things I keep thinking about is, even though the bigger school is a top 10 program, the smaller school would probably give me a better shot at more opportunities. I wouldn't be competing for field placements against so many people in my program, even though the medium-sized program is still really good.
  3. That's basically where I'm at too. I've decided I would have to get a 75% tuition scholarship to consider attending BC. This is of course assuming I'm accepted since I haven't heard yet. The BC assistantships also only provide $4,000 tuition remission (I think that's accurate, it's pretty low) and a small stipend, so even if I was able to get one that wouldn't help very much. I'm just anxious to hear from them and be able to make my decision and start to plan for moving and field placements. As far as BC vs SSU goes, I know I'd be happy at either. From what I've read on here from previou
  4. Do you think Salem is a better cost of living? From everything I can tell, it would be. I'm wrestling with the same thing, though I haven't heard from BC yet. I've already set a pretty high minimum award I'd have to get from them to consider going there. Basically, it would have to lower the cost to below Salem State, plus some extra because I know the cost of living would be more in the city vs in Salem. I honestly think my chances are very slim of getting the amount of money I would need to go to BC, which I'm fine with because honestly SSU was a close second for me. I don't
  5. I was at work both times. It was really hard to contain my excitement since my work doesn't know I'm leaving yet (I'm still going to give them 2 months notice, but until then I want to keep it quiet). The first acceptance was for my backup school so I was really happy, but when I got the notification from the second school I was in tears. I grabbed my phone and went to the bathroom to happy-cry and text my mom and everyone else who knows I'm going through the process. I'll probably be at work whenever I hear about the last one too, and jeez I hope it is soon.
  6. I only have 3 weeks to accept or decline from SSU so I'm dying waiting to hear from BC. Hopefully we'll all be put out of misery soon. I feel like my mind is going a mile a minute about it, even when I'm doing other things.
  7. Yeah, I'll do that if I have to, but at this point it's probably going to be deciding on BC or SSU so I'll have less to manage at least.
  8. Well, I officially got my SSU acceptance letter today and only have 3 weeks to respond to them. I sent an email to BC asking if I could have an idea of when I might be notified. My application was complete on 11/30 and my last LOR came in 01/02.
  9. Hi everyone! I'll be turning 30 in July, right before I'll be going to school. Luckily it's just me and the dogs that will be moving, and I'm ready for a big change. This will be a change in location for me, as well as a new career path. I think depending on which school I go to, I might not be much older than a lot of the other students. MSW programs have a lot of career changers, so that is helpful too.
  10. Oh okay, I'm sorry to hear that! That's exactly how I feel about BC too, but BC does seem to give much more money than Smith.
  11. I've been looking at the past few years for guidance of when decisions will come in too. I think that's the only thing you can go on other than just waiting, which is terrible. Im trying to keep in mind that no news is good news until you know it isn't...I don't know if that helps. I'm really anxious about hearing from BC and seeing that other people has already heard is making me on edge. Mondays always do give me a little hope though because I imagine committees might meet on weekends. Hang in there!!
  12. I think you have to take anything you read online with a grain of salt. Can you talk to your advisor about your concerns? Your advisor probably knows you and the situation better. There are a lot of people that use MSWs to counsel people, and I think it probably depends on what you want to focus on in counseling clients if an MSW is the best way to achieve that. This might also be something you can ask the schools you've applied to once you're accepted. Maybe they have certificate programs that would address the specific population you want to work with? Maybe there is some way you can tailor
  13. Oh boy! You're the first one I've heard of getting notified from the 2 year!! Was it an email? I hope I hear soon because I only have 3 weeks to reply to SSU.
  14. Thank you! Congrats to you also! Did you apply for advanced standing or the 2 year program?
  15. I just found out I got into Salem State!!
  16. I hope I hear soon!! I just got notification I got into Salem State University!!
  17. Thank you! I'd have to get a lot of money to be able to afford BC, but I feel pretty confident I should get into SSU. Students at SSU still can have their field placements in Boston though. I hope we all hear soon!
  18. Has anyone else been planning out when to call regarding application status if you don't hear soon? Both the schools I'm waiting on said I should hear within 6 weeks, and for both 6 weeks would be February 28 (I'm counting from when the semesters started since my last letter of recommendation was sent in during the winter break). Does that seem to early? I think I should hear this month, but I kind of want to have a game plan ready, especially if BC only gives 3 weeks to respond.
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