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How to say now to an interview weekend


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I am being invited out to a school to interview there, however I have already gotten into my top schools (awaiting funding at one), and the school doesn't have enough money to get me out there to visit. As a result the POI has offered to throw in some of her personal money so it is at no cost to me. How do I decline this offer in a way that is not insulting, but doesn't rule me out from being accepted?



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I don't understand what you are asking. If you already got into your top schools and you are no longer interested in this school, why do you want to be accepted to this school? If you are not interested in interviewing, the correct thing to do is to also withdraw your application to this school.

So, I would write back with something like, "Thank you for the offer to fund the trip and for the interview invitation. I recently received news from my other applications and I have decided that I will accept another offer. Therefore, I would like to withdraw my application from your school. Thank you again for considering my application."

You should/could add some words to personalize it based on your interactions with this professor. 

On the other hand, if you still want to be considered for this school in case the funding at your top schools don't work out, then you should visit and interview. I am assuming by saying "interview" you mean you have not been accepted yet?

Finally, if I misunderstood and you already are accepted, however, the visit is only to recruit you, then what you say now should depend on how far away the visit is and how close you are to deciding. I can write more about this if it's the case.

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