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Funding - Brown MPA

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I was accepted into Brown's MPA program and I was ecstatic.  My lifelong dream has been to go to Brown and getting that acceptance letter was probably the best moment of my life.  Then the money reality kicked in.  I was offered $3000 in aid from Brown.  I asked them to reevaluate this because I've received substantially larger offers from other schools (Brandeis, Northeastern) and I'm waiting for funding information from Syracuse which will come late March.  I haven't heard from UConn yet, they will notify me if I've been accepted on March 9th and if I've received any funding.  Brown advised me that if I send them my offer letters once I received them all I could forward the letters to them and they would submit them to the admissions team.  They certainly didn't guarantee anything, but they said they would try. 

Which brings me to my question.  Should I wait until I hear from UConn and Syracuse in regards to acceptance/funding prior to sending my letters to Brown? I was thinking by late March when I have all of these results, they would know more of who was accepting their offers or declining them so they may have more funding available.  But then I also started thinking that other people may be doing the same thing and I should try and get them the letters I have ASAP to be reviewed first. 

Short version: UConn notifying of decision/funding March 9th.  Syracuse notifying of funding end of March.  Received 33% funding from Northeastern.  Received 45% funding from Brandeis.  Should I hold off on sending these offers over to Brown until I get Syracuse and UConn's(if I get in) funding?

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