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Decision between UCSD and UT Austin


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I was admitted to UCSD ECE BSMS program(my undergrad is at UCSD) and UT Austin ECE (ICS track) Master(to be followed by PhD). I am wondering which school is better in terms of VLSI, digital and analog integrated circuits? I am also confused by the admission term "master( to be followed by PhD)" of UT Austin. Is it master or PhD? If I cannnot find a supervisor, does it mean it is just a master program? Also, anyone from UT Austin ECE knows how hard it is to find a supervisor/internship?

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In my opinion UCSD is more superior than UT Austin in circuit design track in terms of reputation, accessibility to high-tech companies ,and diverse blend of sub-areas. For example, how many professors in each grad school are actively doing research? I think UCSD has more to offer. Meanwhile, living in San Diego is also more enjoyable than Austin. 

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