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Please help me point out what I lack fundamentally!


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I've just got my bachelor in economics with a minor in math. I wanted to apply for Masters Econ first then PhD but my profs (also my recommenders) stongly suggested I applied directly to PhD, saying that I'm qualified already. However, I applied to 20 schools and got none acceptance. So I want to have some questions, hope you guys can answer. My qualifications are:

1. GRE quant 168, verbal 152, AW 4.5

2. Real analysis, diff. equations, linear algebra, probability stat, math econ, inter micro + macro, multivariate calculus

3. honors student with 4.0 GPA

4. award for "outstanding undergrad paper" in my uni (my thesis)

5. recommenders include a dean who used to be econ prof, a math prof, and a prof that has broad connection

No research experience as a research assistant, as I'm undergrad. No published paper. State school bachelor. But i believe no undergrad students can publish paper or have research exp.

and a few more small things. I applied from top schools to less known programs like U Washington seattle, george washington U, penn state, U illinois urbana. Can you guys please help me point out what I lack seriously so that i got none acceptance? Am I that unqualified or others are too good? Do I have to have a masters and research experience

Thanks a lot. I appreciate any help. As you guys are now accepted, hopefully you guys can extend some help to others.

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Were you able to articulate clear research interests in your statement of purpose? Does your intended research focus fit in with the faculty research at that institution? Because looking at this, my guess is that fit was your real issue.

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Wow I am sorry to hear this. How can you have 4.0 GPA and get no acceptances? Are you coming from a countryside university that gives away Bachelor's degree to anyone?


The schools that you applied to are all no names and you will know what I mean when you look at each school's phD placements.

If I were you, I would just stay home, prepare for the next admission sessions and apply to best schools because I think you have good qualifications to get admitted at top schools. 

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Your quant score is amazing, but your verbal score ranks somewhere in the 50s. I wouldn't go so far as to say that your verbal score killed your chances - in fact, it might not even be the biggest factor here, and I'm only mentioning it because nobody else has so far. Scoring 4-5 points higher on the verbal section (and ranking somewhere in the 70s) could open some doors for you that right now are closed. Schools get a lot of students applying who scored in the 90s on the quantitative section, and putting together a more well-rounded performance can give you an added edge.

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