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Short Interviews (<15 min)


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What should one expect from short interviews? I just received an email from the department head asking for a 10-15 minute video-Skype. He did not mention anything about anyone else attending the interview. Only thing he mentioned was that I am on the short list of 10 people and he wanted to determine whether or not we are a good match. 

I have yet to have an interview so I am very nervous. Since he stated this was a short interview, I am not totally sure what to expect. 

I expect to be asked about why I chose the university, maybe some questions about my background, and goals for a phd? I know I should also have a bunch of questions prepared to ask him about the university. However, what else should I expect from such a short interview? Should I expect to be asked technical questions? Should I be telling him about papers from their university? 

I am super nervous and this is honestly a dream school. I never in my wildest dreams ever expected to be considered, so I do not want to mess this up :(

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Your expectations are pretty spot on.  You'll talk about your research, he will talk about his research and other research being done in the program. You probably won't be asked technical questions unless it is something in your research (and not something like "prove N=NP"). It will probably be 99% about are you a good fit for the program and can you hold a conversation about research.

I wouldn't be nervous, you will be fine. 

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